Posted by: rusteddev | September 1, 2010

Max Number of Applications in BizTalk 2010 Beta

Hi there,

A few days ago, I googled about the maximum number of applications BizTalk Enterprise can handle. I didn’t find anything interesting. Only the limit of 5 BizTalk applications in the standard edition resulted.

A colleague told me “it’s unlimited”, tested with 10 000.

Ok, great, but 10 000 is not unlimited, is there really a limit in BizTalk ? I wanted to know the exact limit, so I wrote this quick C Sharp test app to test the limit !

here is the app (binaries and sources zipped). The console app create dummy BizTalk Apps using ExporerOM api. Run the command TestBizMaxNumberOfApp in cmd prompt.

After a few minutes I managed to get 500 000 application declared on my Biztalk Server (4Gb RAM VM) see above. Admin console then get very slow…. but worked….

more than 500 000 apps in BizTalk

What about you? Did you reach the limit ? Feel free to share !


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