Posted by: rusteddev | September 9, 2010

Ubuntu LiveUSB with Unetbootin

Recently I discovered UnetBootIn (download here). This tool is fantastic! It’s a Windows based exe tool (no need to install and mess up your registry…) designed to create Linux boot drives.

In a few minutes you can test a linux distribution safely with a USB card.

One great feature is you don’t need to search for the last release ISO and download it. UnetBootIn can do it for you. Select the release in drop down list and UnetBootin automaticallydownloads it.

Here are the few steps required to create the Ubuntu 10.04 LiveUSB :

  1. Insert an empty USB stick (1Go is minimum)
  2. Execute UnetBootIn
  3. Select Distribution and Version (in my example I choose Ubuntu, 10.04_Live)
  4. Select USB Drive
  5. Click OK.

UnetBootIn config

When UnetBootIn has finished, you can reboot your system and boot from USB. Don’t forgert to change boot order and activate USB boot in BIOS (I do this by hitting F2 on my laptop).

At blue boot screen select hit enter on default or wait 10 seconds.

Ubuntu starts …. not very quickly (….ok it’s USB…).

Ubuntu load

Then Ubuntu dektop appears ….

Ubuntu desktop

This is great, enjoy !


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