Posted by: rusteddev | November 6, 2010

Add custom ringtones to your iPhone for free

Hey, quick tip to all iPhone user who want to add their own iPhone ringtones without paying for it.

Very simple :

  • Choose the MP3 sample you want to use as ringtone. No matter lenght or size, we will take care of this.
  • Open your mp3 with iTunes
  • Right click, and choose “Get Info”, then in option tab check and adapt Begin and End Timeframe. The total duration should be 40sec max. Ckick OK.
  • Right click again your song and choose “Convert Selection to AAC”. A new file should be created with exact given duration. You should ear a familair sound (iPhone default  new message beep).
  • Open this file in a browser. While in iTune, you can right click the song and choose “Open in File Explorer”.
  • Change the extension from .m4a to .m4r (r is for ringtone). Double click on this file to open it with Itunes, it should appear in the “Ringtone” folder.
  • Sync your iPhone
  • On your phone, go to Settings, Sound,  Ringtone and choose the new one should be just here.

That’s all !

With this technique, there is no need to use apps like iPhone Ringtone Maker, emicsoft iphone manager or MakeiPhoneRingtone neither to buy ringtones.



  1. sweet! im going to use this SO SO much!

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